I build Websites and teach people how to build Websites.

I started editing websites in HTML when I was at college. I now use industry leading software WordPress to build clients websites, no matter how big or small. I build websites in a user friendly way, so once I’ve built the website, I will then show you how to update your website as and when you need, so no time is wasted. I also have a six week lesson plan for anyone who wants to learn.

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why choose me to build your website?

I love building websites, it started as a hobby and now i love to design websites for others. if you choose me you get a one-on-one service, no having to go through several people to get an answer. Not only will I build you a beautiful site, I will build it in a way that you can easy manage on your own.

I can setup your domain, hosting, security certificate for you.

I use industry leading WordPress to build all my websites. It’s safe, user friendly and completely adaptable.

It’s your site, your way. Choose content, colours, fonts, graphics etc and I will put it altogether to create a beautiful site you will be proud to share.

All websites I create are safe and secure, so your visitors have nothing to worry about when visiting your site.

I can show you how to edit your own content moving forward, so you are in complete control of your site after the initial build.

For an extra yearly cost, I will make website changes whenever you request. I will update your hosting, domain and SSL. I will also build your site with pro features to really make your site stand out.

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Who is the course for?

Anyone who wants to learn to build a website their way. With this one-on-one course you not only learn how to setup and design a website, you also learn how to optimise your so it’s safe secure and user friendly.

Choosing a hosting provider, cpanel basics, wordpress install

  • How to choose the right provider
  • Buying domain and hosting
  • Overview of Cpanel, and elements you actually need
  • Installing WordPress, looking at the details

50 min Lesson / 10 min Q&A Zoom call

Setting up WordPress and Themes

  • Overview of WordPress
  • Setting up and optimising WordPress
  • Choosing a theme and how to set it up
  • Initial plugins you need to get you started
  • Creating pages

50 min Lesson / 10 min Q&A Zoom call

Using Elementor Page Builder to design your first page

  • An overview of Elementor
  • Start building the homepage
  • Build the website Menu
  • Build the header and footer

50 min Lesson / 10 min Q&A Zoom call

Using Elementor to complete a website, build contact form

  • Complete Site build
  • Making your site mobile friendly
  • Checking the formatting
  • Making sure each page is responsive and what elements to use
  • A deeper look into Elementor
  • How to build a contact form

50 min Lesson / 10 min Q&A Zoom call

Looking at other plugins, forms, Learn basic SEO

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) setup
  • Take your site to the next level
  • Other Plugins that speed up your site, block spam etc

50 min Lesson / 10 min Q&A Zoom call

Installing SSL Certificate and how to host several sites on one server, php, domain forwarding etc

  • Setup a Free SSL Certificate
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • A closer look at Cpanel
  • How to setup & host multiple sites on one server
  • Redirecting domains
  • Propagation and other terminology
  • Facts all web designers need to know

50 min Lesson / 10 min Q&A Zoom call


Below are examples of sites I have built for various clients.

All websites are responsive – resizing for desktop, tablet and phone. 

I am always open to new interesting ideas and startups. If you need help with your project – please do not hesitate to contact me right now!

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