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I am an award winning freelance consultant, producer and editor. I was also the Head of Video at Bang Showbiz Ltd,  Lead Producer at The Mail Online as well as Head of Online Content at Stylist and Shortlist Group.




Online animations to celebrate 20 years of Ocado Group, as well as an animation to showcase how the company works. All three videos were turned around from conception to completion with a week.


An online social campaign for the HBO/Sky Atlantic show ‘My Brilliant Friend’. I created social trailers, teasers and cards.


Various Styled Shoots of wedding and event suppliers. The aim is to showcase each supplier in a ‘mock’ wedding scenario to show potential couples what they have to offer.


Examples of produced news videos and social experiments, with all the articles gaining millions of views with 24 hours.

Turner Gallery Film Festival

‘Conversion’ is a short film that was shown as part of the Time-based Media festival. I wanted to show how media has changed over the decades, leading the viewer into a relaxing nostalgic moment, only to realise this is just a process to update how music is listened to. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ as the saying goes.

I am always open to new interesting ideas and startups. If you need help with your project – please do not hesitate to contact me right now!

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